Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blogging freaks me out. I had never thought about starting my own blog until the President and CEO of my company told me that I had no choice. See, I am in the business of making news. Even the most oblivious and ignorant individuals living in the world realize that the entire news business is experiencing a major transformation. Everyone is getting their news online. As a publicist, it is becoming extremely important for me to understand the value of online media. Everyday, more and more readers are turning to Web sites, social networking spaces and blogs to get their news, exchange ideas and develop new opinions.

I struggled for days (and yes, maybe even lost some sleep), trying to determine what I wanted my blog to be about. I have become so accustomed to news writing (focused solely on who, what, where, when and why). I haven't written creatively since I was a freshman at Syracuse University -- Writing 101 was a requirement.

Like most female, twenty-somethings, I thought about pondering love, friendship and my family, but when my very bright and creative boyfriend told me that these ideas were putting him to sleep, I squashed them. Instead, I made him stay up late with me while we brainstormed unique, catchy names and ideas.

TAA DAA! This is what we came up with -"Talks with Strangers." When you're a publicist, not only it is important to follow the news, it is equally important that you have no fear when it comes to approaching strangers and meeting new people.

My friends and family always tell me that I would talk to a tree if it talked back to me. I am “that” girl at the bar who strikes up conversations with unfamiliar people (yes, I am sober when I do it). I am also the annoying driver who could spend three whole minutes at the toll booth not because my EZPASS has failed me, but because I insist on initiating a conversation with the person who is taking my change.

I guess I missed the childhood lecture about never talking to strangers. They fascinate me. Here’s why…

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